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martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Next summer, in June and July, it will take place de FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The home country is one of the favourites to win it, but of course, there are some other countries which have many options, such as Spain, which is the big favourit, and the best team in the world, Germany, that has a new generation of young and great players and will be fighting until the end, and as usually, France, Italy, Argentina, etc.

There is also a great expectation in seing what the team of Belgium can do. Because they have a great variety of really good players, all around the world, such as Courtois, Hazard, Lukaku, Fellaini, etc.

In conclusion it will be a really exciting cup, and of course, we are sure that our Spain, will win.

German Footballers

In this article I will tell you about the german footballers: Miroslav Klose, Mesut Özil, and Ilkay Gündogan.

Miroslav Klose, although he was born in Poland, he moved to Germany, the country in where he plays for nowadays. Nowadays he is 35 and plays for S.S. Lazio, in Calcio (Italian first league), where he wears number 11. He has played for teams such as Werder Bremen, Kaiserlautern, 08 Homburg and Bayern München. In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, held in Germany, he was te golden boot, scoring 5 goals.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was born in Kolbermoor, Western Germany, in 1984. Actually, he plays as a midfielder for Bayern München, with number 31. He had also played for Oberaudorf and 180 Rosenheim. He is also member of the German national team. He has won the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga tittles, and German Cuos with Bayern München, but nothing with Germany.

Ilkay Gündogan, is a 23-year-old fotballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund and for the German national team, although he has Turkish origin. He plays as a central midfielder, and has a great projection. It is said tha Real Madrid is willing to get him this summer.

viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014


What here in Europe we understand by football, has nothing to be with what the Americans do. For them, football refers to that sport played with a ball similar to a rugbys' one, in wich the players are very protected and have to run and run yards to make a touchdown. So in this article, we will be talking about soccer.

In the USA, soccer has always been a secundary sport, behind basketball, baseball, football, and ice hockey, for example. But in the last few years it has become more and more popular amog American people, and the MLS ( Major League Soccer ) is becoming a more atractive destiny for many players.

In what refers to their national team, in the male section, they have been in many World Cups and performing very well, and this year they are expected to have such a successful role in Brazil, lead by their best player, Landon Donovan.

But where they are for sure one of three best teams in the World, is in the female national team. These female section has won twice the female FIFA World Cup, in 1991 and 1999, and has won 4 Olimpic gold medals. And nowadays it is at the top of the ranking.

Soccer is becoming more and more important in the USA, soon, they will be at the top for sure.

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Changes in the blog. Making it better!

As you can read on the tittle, there will be some changes in the blog, such as different kind of articles, focusing on only one player, team, competition, and so many different staff. All this changes will be done just to try to improve the blog and for you tu enjoy it more.

Hope you like it, next article will be available on Friday!

martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Spanish Football Players

In this article I will tell about three of the most important Spanish football players ; Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos.

Iker Casillas was born in Móstoles, Madrid, Spain. He's the goalkeepper of Real Madrid and of the Spanish national team. He has won many tittles such as La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. He is the best keepper in te World and in the history of football, and in 2010 he won te FIFA World Cup. He is in love with the journalist, Sara Carbonero, and they have had a son recentely, Martín Casillas Carbonero.

Xabi Alonso is the best midfield in the World, and nowadays he plays for Real Madrid and for Spain. He was born in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain. He started his career as a professional playing for Real Sociedad, his home-city-team. Then he moved to play for Liverpool FC in the Premier League, where he won the UEFA Champions League. He was with Spain in 2010 when they won te World Cup. In 2009 he signed with Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos was born in Camas, Seville, Andalucía, Spain. He is the best defender in the World. He started his career in Sevilla FC, and in 2004 he signed with Real Madrid, where he plays nowadays. He is also member of the Spanish national team, in wich he has won the UEFA European Cup, and the World Cup. He is in love with the Spanish TV presenter, Pilar Rubio.

English Football Players

There have been many impotant footballers from England, but I will focus in three of them: David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney.

David Beckham was that poster boy who played for Manchester United at the begginning, later he sign with Real Madrid where he played a few seasons and the he went to the MLS, where he played for LA Galaxy, and he had been also playing for AC Milan, in Italy, and Paris Saint-Germain, in France, where he retired last season.
He was also very well known because all the brands he sponsored, normally underwear clothes brands, and also because he is married with Victoria Beckham, an ex-Spice Girl.

Steven Gerrard is a leyend of the English football, he has been one of the most successfull midfielders in England. He plays for the team of Liverpool, where he is the captain. He had win great tittles with Liverpool, such as the Uefa Champions League. Steven Gerrard is also a basic player for the English national team.

Wayne Rooney is considered one of the best strickers in english football nowadays. He started his career playing for Everton, where he made a great performance, and then, signed with Manchester United, where he plays nowadays and where he won The Premier League, and the Uefa Champions League, among others. He has been always essential for the English National Team, and some people says that he is going to leave Manchester this year.